It was beautiful autumn morning.

wiewiorkaIt was beautiful autumn morning. I opened the window and the smell of leaves and picturesque landscape made me so excited . I was staring at the clouds pushed by the wind always changing colors and the rays of the Sun when suddenly I heard the noise. I turned around and I saw a little red squirrel which was at the balcony close to me. It was so charming. She had vibrant reddish-brown fur and tufted ears. It wasn’t scared. Ruby that’s how I named her was unique. She looked at me and all of a sudden disappeared among the branches of the tree close to my balcony.

It reminded me a story about other brave red squirrel which determination helped her and the other red squirrels survive in the world dominated by grey squirrels.
As we all remember the forest was once a sanctuary for red squirrels but the grey invaders gradually taken over pushing red ones to the brink of extinction. They were more aggressive, larger and outcompeted the red squirrels for food and shelter.
So one day Reddish and her family which faced countless challenges refused to let her species fade away.
Reddish was very smart and she had a remarkable ability to locate hidden stashes of acorn and nuts. She was always faster than her grey enemies. She spent all her days darting through the tree tops, leaping from branch to branch with unmatched agility. She had learned to be quick and resourceful.
One day Reddish discovered a big cache of acorns and nuts deep in the heart of the forest. It was a treasure which could help her family survive the winter. She was so excited but she knew that the grays where following her. They were relentless. Reddish knew she couldn’t win with them but she didn’t want to give up so she create a diversion. Gathering leaves , sticks and moss she built a dummy squirrel and placed it near her cache. She hoped the greys would be fooled.
They arrived, laughing loudly and chattering ready to confront Reddish. Suddenly they saw the dummy squirrel and hesitated.
Reddish seized the opportunity and moved acorns and nuts to a safer place. When the grays realized the trick it was too late. Reddish had outwitted them. She continued her battle for survival always one step ahead of her grey enemies. She wasn’t alone. The other red squirrels who shared her determination helped her. Together, they managed to carve out small territory where they could thrive.
Reddish tale became a legend in the forest. The story of determination and courage. Reddish’s vibrant red fur remained a symbol of hope for those who fought to keep their place in the heart of ancient forest.
I love this story and would like to share it with you especially now when the red squirrels are so rare and they can disappear if we don’t protect them and their habitat.