Love me, love me not



kwiatek w dłoni

Love me, love me not’- the kids chant as they pluck petals from flowers.

What is love?

Is it a state of mind or the flattering of butterflies in the stomach?

A twinkle in your eyes when you gaze at your favorite dog, or a weary smile weathering the ebbs and flows of live with your beloved.

What is love?

Is it a shared pizza for two in a cozy restaurant or a bouquet of flowers exchanged with
handwritten notes?

What defines love?

Is it the culmination of small moments, like the sparkle in your eyes when you share a glance, or the warmth of a tired smile as you navigate life’s twists and turns hand in hand?

Love, in its essence, is the art of making each moment better, with a style uniquely crafted by those who share its dance.